Film service transportation | STARWAGEN

Film service transportation

Starwagen rents film service transportation. Using the services of renting film service transportation, you create comfortable working conditions for:

  • artists, actors, VIPs;
  • film crew;
  • make-up artists;
  • costumers;
  • administration.

The following types of domestic vehicles for filming are presented in the Starwagen fleet:

  • VIP starwagens;
  • bicampers (with toilet and shower);
  • campers (dressing rooms with toilet and shower);
  • minicampers (with toilet);
  • camper wagons;
  • make-wardrobe trucks;
  • wardrobe trucks (costume wagens);
  • honey WC trucks;
  • mobile offices.

To rent a car for filming, it is enough to fill out an application online and the Starwagen manager will contact you to clarify the details.